Rack Solution

Full Rack (45U)

Power 2200 Watt

1 Gbps IIX Bandwidth (Shared)

100 Mbps International Bandwidth (Shared)


Our Datacenter in IDC 3D Duren Tiga (Share Rack Colocation) & CDC Cyber Building 2nd Floor (Private Rack Colocation & Share Rack Colocation)

24/7 Support & Network Monitoring

SLA 99% Network Uptime Guarantee

Reverse DNS Support

Bandwidth 1 Gbps IIX and 100 Mbps International (Shared)

Ticketing Support System

Additional Information

  • Colo Base Brand Modem/Desktop Firewall IDR 220.000/mo

  • Remote Server KVM Over IP IDR 110.000/mo

  • Dedicated Bandwidth 1 Mbps (1:1) IDR 1.650.000/mo

  • Additional 1 Connection Port IDR 55.000/mo

  • Additional 1 IP Address IDR 44.000/mo

  • Additional Over Usage Power per (220 Volt) 100 Watt IDR 220.000/mo

  • License WHMCS billing solution IDR 275.000/mo

  • SSL Certificates IDR 330.000/yr

  • Softacalous IDR 44.000/mo

  • License cPanel/WHM IDR 550.000/mo

  • Manage cPanel/WHM Server IDR 660.000/mo

  • OS Reload/Reinstal per Reload IDR 330.000/one time fee

Terms of Requirements

  • Self-managed service (unmanaged)

  • Access to the server racks in the datacenter is limited to only a maximum 2 (two) representatives per customer. Prior to each visit, a statement letter including proper identification of the appointed representatives (KTP/SIM/Passport) to be sent via e-mail to Customer Service at : [email protected]

  • Activation is conducted after the payment has been confirmed

  • Idcolo has the full rights to suspend all service to customer who exceeded payment over 3 (three) days after date of invoice

  • Minimum contract period 12 (twelve) months for rack service

  • Price includes VAT 10%

  • When terminated, the customer is expected to retrieve the server immediately. If not taken within 1 week will be charged prorate, and if more than 1 week will be charged 1 month full charge

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