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Colocation Solution

Colocation server solution is service rental place for server customers that is placed on the data center, server provided and managed
by customers. Services offered is is unmanaged service which means technical support given up on a network.


IDR 666.000 /mo

Power 550 Watt

2 IP Address

1 Gbps IIX Bandwidth (Shared)

100 Mbps International Bandwidth (Shared)

Setup IDR 550.000 / OTC


IDR 888.000 /mo

Power 550 Watt

2 IP Address

1 Gbps IIX Bandwidth (Shared)

100 Mbps International Bandwidth (Shared)

Setup IDR 550.000 / OTC


Our Datacenter in IDC 3D Duren Tiga (Share Rack Colocation) & CDC Cyber Building 2nd Floor (Private Rack Colocation & Share Rack Colocation)

24/7 Support & Network Monitoring

SLA 99% Network Uptime Guarantee

Reverse DNS Support

Bandwidth 1 Gbps IIX and 100 Mbps International (Shared)

Ticketing Support System

Additional Information

  • Colo Base Brand Modem/Desktop Firewall IDR 220.000/mo

  • Remote Server KVM Over IP IDR 110.000/mo

  • Dedicated Bandwidth 1 Mbps (1:1) IDR 1.650.000/mo

  • Additional 1 Connection Port IDR 55.000/mo

  • Additional 1 IP Address IDR 44.000/mo

  • Additional Over Usage Power per (220 Volt) 100 Watt IDR 220.000/mo

  • License WHMCS billing solution IDR 275.000/mo

  • SSL Certificates IDR 330.000/yr

  • Softacalous IDR 44.000/mo

  • License cPanel/WHM IDR 550.000/mo

  • Manage cPanel/WHM Server IDR 660.000/mo

  • OS Reload/Reinstal per Reload IDR 330.000/one time fee

Terms of Requirements

  • Self-managed service (unmanaged)

  • Access to the server racks in the datacenter is limited to only a maximum 2 (two) representatives per customer. Prior to each visit, a statement letter including proper identification of the appointed representatives (KTP/SIM/Passport) to be sent via e-mail to Customer Service at : [email protected]

  • Activation is conducted after the payment has been confirmed

  • Idcolo has the full rights to suspend all service to customer who exceeded payment over 30 (thirty) days after date of invoice

  • Minimum contract period 12 (twelve) months for rack service

  • Price includes VAT 10%

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